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Our Services


-You can sign up any time during your pregnancy! 

-While pregnant, you are welcome to browse our donated Maternity Clothing & resource books!


-4 weeks before your baby is born, we will provide you with a "layette". This is a basket full of everything you will need when bringing your baby home from the hospital. This includes diapers, wipes, baby wash, sleepers, bibs, bottles as well as a new mom bag and more!

-When available, we provide infant furnishings, such as cribs. However, we often have waiting lists for large items and they may not always be available immediately. 

-Diapers can be provided to you up to 3 times a year and we can help with formula once a month, if available.


-Clothing at Mary's Cradle ranges from size Newborn - 4T.

-As your child grows, or the seasons change, you may visit Mary's Cradle for your childs clothing needs. This will include a few outfits per child for each season or size. 

-Shoes, socks, underwear, and pajama's are also available in limited quantities. 

-Often times, toy's are donated to us and we allow each child to pick one toy during each visit!

How to Recieve Assistance

-It's super easy to sign up to receive services from Mary's Cradle. We are not income based - we are "need" based.

-To sign up, we will need an ID for the parent as well as a "Proof of Pregnancy" (Ultrasound photo or written proof from the doctor) and/or "Proof of Child" (the child's insurance card, social security card, birth certificate or crib card"

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