Work Team Miracles Work Team Miracles Defining wall comes down! The lattice room divider had provided separation of open and closed spaces for clients for over a decade. We needed to add additional space for clients to access, and so the wonderful partition comes down! 29756922 Sleepers We had kept sleepers for infants and toddlers in shelves that backed the lattice. We now put those in age related areas for clients to choose from. 29756923 Fill us with hope! The six member work team arrived in two fifteen passenger vans loaded withy gift bags, cribs, bags of clothes, and so much more! It took us all morning to unload and place in storage. 29756924 104 New Mom Gift Bags and much, much more were donated by Community United methodist Church in Crofton, MD., 29756925 Meditation Some workers were knon for their meditative approach to painting! Joyce was a wonderful and productive member, I believe she is just appreciating the enormity of the task! 29756926 Invoking the assistance of the Spirit At least, that's what I would like to think Mike is doing here. Mike is an absolute encyclopedic resource of how-to... 29756927 EverReady The master organizer didn't wait until the paint was dry, he stepped and fetched and STILL had energy to sort. 29756928 There's always more cleaning! Tommy was an amazing worker sho seemed to show up with just the right tools at the right time. I'm certain his wife has nothing on her honey-do list! 29756929 Letters to kids, from Kids in Action In the midst of so much "stuff" we were blessed with several letters written from the Kids in Action fo Community UMC, written to the children who receive what they shared. They were so special and precious they now decorate our big bulletin board. 29756930 So much sorting... so little time We thought the team would sort several tubs of Spring clothes, but they brought so much we were lucky to finish sizing those items! 29756931 Hot Potatoes Here Nancy and Ken and "steppin' & fetchin", putting items in their new places after our reorganization 29756933 new area for clients There is now a new area for clients to sit and read as they wait. It is restful and bright. 29756936