Visiting Angels Visiting Angels Community UMC van 24246949 Transformation In October, 2008 two men helped us organize and "reinvent the physical environment of the Cradle to make it more accessible and functional as well as offering a more open feel. 24247548 Down with the walls 24248314 Handmade 24247549 Ya' never knew... how many shades of pink there were until you start to match clothes! 53052378 okay, they are niether angels or visitors but they are mine. Christian is my son, and Woofie is my dog. I had to put them in here! 24248313 Youth Works is a non-denominational summer volunteer program that enabled us to hold a community carnival in June, 2007. 24247185 Bouncy House 24247186 Kids Karnival June,2007 Kathleen and friend 24247187 Mattheny UMW Each month our faithful sisters from Mattheny travel two hours one way to serve the Cradle with Linda Mahood, sorting clothes and helping to organize our store 53052377