Car Seat Safety Class Car Seat Safety Class Upon inspection, 70% of all car seats are installed inadequately Cookie" and Mr. Dave Cook instruct a class 24148267 Practice makes Perfect... 24148268 53049407 To become certified one must attend four days of class and practical sessions 24148271 We had to eat... and we ate well, thanks to a collaborative effort! 53049415 Final Exam day 24148269 We are fortunate to receive car seats from the West Virginia Governor's Highway Safety Program. We have given over eighty car seats in the first eight months of 2009! 27077708 Of course, the morning of our car seat check the winds were mighty. We had drive-through tents to allow inspectors and families to stay dry 27077727 Well, it does take a great deal of consultation to meet the needs of our clients, and media coverage helps usget the word to those who need to access resources 27077728 53049413 27077709 It takes two... 27077729 If a car seat is found to be outdated or inadequate, we are able to replace. 27077726 Princeton Fireman Charles Croy completes his inspection. 24148270 53049408 53049425 53049409 Right from the Start accredited four car seat safety technicians. 53049410 Everyone needs a goodfriend to assist... 53049412 It helps to review 53049416 53049417 53049418 Dave Cook and Robert Tipton, the State GHSP Director 53049419 Yes, ladies... that is a car seat! 53049420 53049422 53049426