Cribs for the Cradle Cribs for the Cradle Choosing the wood Here the masters carpenter, Tammy McKinney, is choosing wood for the cribs 24162501 Lillian James Learning Center It takes about forty hours to create one crib. This young student, Thomas, is a keyat the Lillian James Learning Center 24162499 Intricate carpentry & joinery are required to make these hard wood portable cribs for our clients 24162500 As if I know what I'm talking about here Thomas is showing me one of the many issues he considers as he makes the sturdy and safe baby beds. 24162502 24162503 The First Cribs Arrive! Revs. David Hall, Susan Rector and Stephen Rector receive our first shipment of cribs from Mr. Harry Keaton 24163889 delivery Rev. David Hall, Mr.. Keaton and Mr. McKinney help unload our treasure 24163891 Locally made, safe and sturdy... Mr. Keaton and Rev. Kathleen K Masters admire the finished product 24163892 Admirerers A young client is admiring the smooth functioning crib 24163890 27067364 27067385 27067386 27067380 27067387 27067381 27067388 27067382